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I remember buying Blu-ray from AWE, a while ago and watching many of the deleted scenes of the movie, wondering, Why did they cut this material ?, there was a better background of why Weatherby had been killed, there was a scene where Explained the background of Jack Sparrow, there was a very atmospheric scene where they entered the shipwreck island, etc. So for the most part I knew the material that had been cut. I saw the edition and unfortunately I understood why the material had been cut.

And do not misunderstand me, it is a fanedit well done, If someone saw this without seeing the original, would not capture what are the deleted scenes and those of the original footage, the edition is almost invisible, well a couple of times the quality is more mediocre than Normal, but apart from that are integrated well, There is a scene in which Nighy appears in motion capture suit, but I had already seen the scene before seeing the issue, so I was not surprised, it could be something strange, But Nighy's performance saves the scene from being weird. I no have tecnic problems or scenes that i hate. Despite that, there is a problem.

Those who enjoy AWE (like me), know the problems of the movie, the pace is very slow, many times, the story is very complicated, and there are many elements that pay too much attention that are not really necessary, while others Elements that if necessary are slightly reduced,

Yes, after several views it is difficult not to ignore things like that.

And here is my problem, the scenes deleted even if they contributed to the plot, slowed the pace even more, the long scenes felt even longer. In the extended version of DMC, it was not a problem, since the scenes mostly did not Slow the rhythm, But here the longest movie in the saga, it feels even longer

For what I am divided, on the one hand is too long and the rhythm of the original movie it is even more slow , but on the other hand, the material removed mostly is quite good and adapts so well to the film that seems to be part.

I guess that If you enjoyed the original movie, you probably enjoy this extended edition. If you hate the original movie, do not see it for obvious reasons.

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