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FanMix February 03, 2016 8441
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I've always wanted a FE that combined the second and third PotC films, and at long last DSM2337 delivers! :D He's done an amazing job cutting these two bloating goliaths into a single, far more manageable, film. It's not perfect, but still a fantastic effort!

Video Quality: Excellent! No complaints at all.

Audio Quality: Generally excellent, but occasionally it seemed to fail? As if the audio was suddenly coming in through a really tiny speaker. It was odd considering how otherwise great the sound was here.

Visual/Audio Editing: Nearly seamless. I've got no complaints or issues with the editing job here, it was very well done. Cutting Jack's death and the quest to bring him back was incredibly executed!

Narrative/Enjoyment: The first half of the FE is a VAST improvement over the theatrical cut of Dead Man's Chest. The movie is now a fast funny rollercoaster ride. The real issues I have with the narrative are the bridge between the two films and the third film. Including the musical bridge just made it too obvious that these were two separate films and took me out of it for a few minutes. And while you did as good a job as is probably possible with the second half (there was a LOT of garbage cut, thank you!) it just felt...overlong, I guess? I'm not sure why, but the Kraken fight felt like it should've been the end of the movie and everything afterward just felt like the story getting dragged out. It made me wonder if, perhaps, the story overall would be better served if the Kraken (as cool as it is) was cut entirely.

Still, I enjoyed this and recommend it!

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