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FanFix August 03, 2023 4081
(Updated: March 02, 2024)
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I love this so much! I've been looking for a fan edit that fits in the music and it's nearly perfect in that regard. The only criticism with the soundtrack is the beginning when the Mario bros are running through Brooklyn, I really truly wish the track (Press Start) from the soundtrack was there instead of whatever rock song was put in. But besides that the sound track was fixed and sounds awesome! The editing is so unnoticeable in a good way, it feels like the original edit by the studio. Fantastic! Also I love the removal of the dog scene. Kinda made it feel more like Illumination putting their taste in it for a few minutes in the original cut. One other thing is I noticed at least with my copy on VLC the audio kinda
sounded low quality (I was using the 14.8GB digital copy), felt like the audio quality was a bit muffled maybe? not exactly sure how to describe it, maybe the mixing sounded louder for voices compared to music? or something like that. So The Audio Quality could use an adjustment in the next update in hope there will be more updates! So overall amazing cut! I will watch it again, just wish the audio quality was a bit nicer. But yeah thank you so much for making this wonderful cut and I hope to see more updates in the future! <3
(Correction Actually The audio sounds great, I didn't realize there were other audio tracks, so I changed to another and it sounds a lot better, Still dying for (Press Start) when they're running through Brooklyn, but besides that amazing cut!

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