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Loved this edit of Super Mario Bros everything was pretty much fixed. Most of the distracting pop songs are gone No Take me Home or Thunderstruck here, the only exception is the Beastie Boys: No Sleep in Brooklyn when Mario and Luigi run to their first job. Its a minor complaint and I can see why it was left in as it was before Mario and Luigi were pulled into the warp pipe. But the segment was supposed to be a rough layout for the Super Mario Bros 1-1 level so a rock remix of 1-1, or the classic Mario bros arcade theme, or even the press start theme (as another reviewer suggested) would have been great.
Cranky's voice was on point and sounded much more like he should have. I was skeptical of the voice acting but DonkeyKonga really pulled it off every annunciation of yells and wording fit the animation perfectly I wasn't taken out of the story once well done.
Finally thank you for removing that annoying Dog scene I always thought it was a little bit much it will not be missed here.
Thank you DonkeyKonga for making this edit

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