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FanFix February 08, 2013 26452
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This was the first fanedit I watched for a year or so and I chose this one, because of the good reviews and because the original was quite a disappointment for me, but had so much potential and atmosphere. I for one had no idea how this one could be salvaged and that's where fanedits come in and are always a surprise how by reordering and deleting scenes a true improvement can be achieved.
For a firstling this was simply outstanding. Video and audio were just fine, no hard cuts or bad audio transitions. The title card was not impressive and my 4GB mp4 was a bit milky, but technically these are the only complaints. Editing-wise this was marvellously done.
I was much more entertained by this version and I can only say thank you for cutting out so much bad stuff, especially the Charlize Theron scenes, resulting in the war of the bitches, which you gladly cut. This was a much better, improved version of Prometheus, still not a great movie, but an almost incredible improvement.
One scene I did not like was the life creation scene in Shaw's flashback. It did not feel right there for me.
Overall, thank you, thank you, thank you, Severian, for taking so much time and turning this movie into a truly watchable one. Well done. Fanedits rock.

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