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Overall I thought it was a good edit. Some great ideas and good editing there but also a fair amount of bad choices (based on my opinion), with some ideas i didn't really dig. But despite that i enjoyed it and i am glad i saw it. it was a bold edit from njvc and i congratulate him for his effort here.
The split screen in many scenes was nicely done and well implemented. Yoda speaking Chinese (or whatever it was) was really awesome and seamlessly implemented as well. Vader gave me a 70ies porn vibe that for some reason worked great and gave his character a nice new twist. Also i loved the use of the clone wars animated fight in the cave scene! A moment of brilliance there by njvc and easily my favorite moment of the entire edit. Also sound replacement was done great, and the music choices were really cool and really fitted the Tarantino vibe.
On the bad side, many scenes felt very much like a music video montage, instead of part of an actual movie. They gave a very video-clip/youtube-tribute kind of vibe. They contributed to the edit not having a good story structure at moments when it needed it and instead it could even feel kind of random. And another contributing factor to that was the non-linear structure of the edit. The first black and white vader-luke clip was nicely placed at the very beginning building up nicely the rest of the movie, but after that, the whole chapter-thingy felt unnecessary and in my oppinion it didn't help the story in a good way, and it made some things confusing. I think a straight narrative would have made the edit stronger, the story more focused and more to the point.
Some minor criticism is that njvc uses too many fades. Some of them made sense in places like the flashback introductions, but others felt completely unnecessary and distracting. Also not exactly a criticism but at many parts the edit was border-lining to going into Tarantino parody territory. I know the point was not to make a Tarantino Star Wars movie, but more of a tribute to him and his style. But at points the edit felt that it was pushing it too much or trying a little too hard.
I probably have gone a little overboard with all my negative comments, but don't get me wrong. This is not a bad edit. Far from it. Is it a classic though? Nope. But it is a Bold and Well made for the most part edit that i recommend to any star wars fan. I felt that for every thing that i didn't like there was always something there good to counteract it and for me to enjoy. And for the majority of the edit it was the good thing that left the biggest impression to me.
Great Job njvc!

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