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Review by Rock Savage — January 20, 2010 @ 8:00 pm

Raiders Of The Krystal Skull: Remixed by Jorge A Review by Mollo


Jorge is without doubt an extraordinarily talented FanEditor. His previous work has proved the point with eloquence. Yet I have been disappointed by his recent work, Frankenstein and The Dark Knight in particular.

Where the technique of those FanEdits is outstanding, Jorge continues to show a lack of attention when it comes to narrative and for me this is a very important aspect of a successful FanEdit.

Raiders Of The Krystal Skull is a case in point. The FanEdit begins with a short educational film about the terror of the atom bomb. Now this would make complete sense if the whole film was concerned with the terror of the atom bomb but it is not. The sequence where Indiana Jones finds himself in an atom bomb test site is a disposable action scene and nothing else. This scene bares no real relevance on the story as a whole. Jorge, by drawing your attention so directly to this new “atom bomb threat” idea, makes for a more forced and disjointed narrative. This is about aliens, right?

The new title sequence is done very well and I absolutely love the villains spreading out to fire their machine guns with the new FanEdit title of Raiders Of The Krystal Skull springing cheekily into view.

The area 51-warehouse scene is done very well but does feel a little choppy at times particularly when Indiana and baddie fall through a glass window in the floor. There is a slight pause before the fall through, which suggests action has been cut.

Most of the problems with the original movie are still present. The escape from the nuclear blast by use of a lead lined fridge for instance. I was hoping this particularly odious moment would have been exorcised. The Gopher makes a horrible appearance!

Also the chase in the jungle while heavily trimmed is still ridiculous, as is the sword fighting.

The waterfall madness, a moment as contentious as the fridge, is still here yet trimmed. The suicidal behavior, tree bending antics and ease of survival are all still here. Why does she think driving an amphibious duck of a cliff is such a good idea? Jorge reduces this sequence but it cannot change the ludicrousness of the action. Them falling out of the amphibious Duck and the sharp cut to all safe and sound in the water below feels to quick and awkward. Maybe a moment of pause by using footage of a waterfall would have helped the transition.

The ending is another weird piece of narrative purposely injected by Jorge. The spaceship leaves and obviously the FanEditor himself has added a voice over to represent the aliens. Also a sudden image from, I guess, Lord of the Rings is superimposed over the action. This all feels tagged on and strangely unsatisfying.

This ending and the final wedding scene are just too awful to take and the violation that is Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull continues unabated. If a FanEdit of this 4th installment has failed in the hands of the talent that is Jorge, I don’t hold too much hope that anyone else can save this mess.

Very Disappointing.
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