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December 15, 2011

I opted for the avi version because I don’t have a BR writer. A lot of the cuts you’ve made I’ve seen in one of the other edits of the film so it was nice to see those decisions get taken into consideration by more than one person. I really liked how you handled the removal of Doomtown, to me it works, you can argue why Indy is suddenly wearing very casual clothes in the next scene or you can endure his ‘miraculous’ escape in the theatrical version. I’ll that first option. You really took on board getting rid of the annoying traits of most characters, Mutt and Marion come to mind, Ray winston is mostly mute now, but it’s a small sacrifice.

Car chase was done well, the bit in class was stupid, I’ve always felt being a professor was Indy’s mild mannered alter ego, so to speak so the mixing of the two in the theatrical cut, never agreed with that choice.

Then the truck sequence, I like it much better like this, I’ve always wondered how it could be made plausible for Mutt to vanish into the trees and crops and come back without making it seem ridiculous. You provided the best option yet, not shortening the sequence, but removing it altogether. It was only when I got to the end of the film I realised how much was missing, like the ants and just about everything, some parts felt a bit odd, like the car’s sort of jump through the air, but it could be that I’ve seen the original several times to pick up on, first timers or casual watchers probably wouldn’t catch on.

From here to the end is just perfect. I got a little occupied with something during the quicksand sequence so I didn’t pay full attention but I seem to remember it played out okay.

From a narrative viewpoint this is the best existing telling of the 4th film. For editing and all that other stuff, I’d prefer one of the other guys who knows what to look for gives this film a watch, I didn’t notice anything particularly jarring.
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