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FanFix July 09, 2022 2171
(Updated: February 08, 2023)
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A technically well done edit, and as absurd as the concept of the movie was the narrative flowed very well. The shots of the raised Titanic were beautiful, and as a life-long enthusiast of Titanic I was moved as I imagined what standing on the ship would have been like. The Titanic finally making it to New York made me smile, and there was a tear in my eye. If the movie ended here, I probably would have given it full marks just for that.

But ultimately, the story wasn't about finding the Titanic, it was about finding the macguffin: the byzanium mineral, which I found rather disappointing. The characters were actually standing in the frigging Titanic, and the characters were instead worried about something that the audience had likely long forgotten about and didn't care about in the first place.

I recommend it as a curious novelty for Titanic enthusiasts, and if you turn off the movie after the ship arrives in New York, then you have the perfect ending.

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Owner's reply February 12, 2023

Thanks for the review, actually tried ending the film at the point you suggested (even made a trial end title card) and shifting emphasis onto the salvage by startin in media res, but it just couldn't get it to feel right. Maybe I'll try again in the future, really want to have a go at redoing some of the matte shots!

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