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August 18, 2010 @ 5:06 am

Wow! What a great fanedit! I have never seen the original theatrical release, and judging from the deleted scenes Boon put in the bonus features, I’m very glad I didn’t waste my time with it. The edit itself is flawlessly executed (I didn’t notice any of the video issues mentioned in the description, and I AM a nitpicker) and I would have mistaken it for a theatrical release if I didn’t know. This is how to edit! As cinema it’s far from great and very déjà vu (I loved the first half… back when it was called The Shining) but it’s very watchable, holds interest and effectively builds suspense, which it wouldn’t with the deleted stuff back in. This may have originally sucked! The “family horror” sequence particularly, whould have annoyed me to no end. There are few commonplaces I detest more than children in danger in a Hollywood horror movie, because you KNOW they won’t dare to actually kill them off and something or someone will always save them, so there’s no suspense. But, everything Boon removed sucked. He removed a lot, and it sucked a lot. I only lament he kept the dove fake scare near the beginning.

The extra features are very nice. Apart from the deleted stuff and the usual CBB overview, there’s a very nice featurette about the mirror demon that feels very professional and reminded me a lot in style of the ones they used to air in Calle 13 (a Spanish TV channel specialized in horror and Sci-Fi).

This actually replaces Red Dragon as my favorite CBB fanedit. Get back to it, Boon! And it gets one of my rare 10/10 ratings.

A couple of curious things about the movie itself:
-Who had the idea of using Albéniz’s “Asturias” as ominous horror music?
-And who had the idea of incluiding a New York landscape shot that displays the World Trade Center in a 2008 movie set in the present?
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