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In 2007, Jambe Davdar made this sequel documentary to his "Building Empire", released the year before. It uses the same style of running commentary as I described in my review for that work:
This time, the editor covers The Return of the Jedi, which offers a nice contrast in terms of the tone of the interviews. He includes material which reflects on them coming back, now confidant that the success of these films was not a one-off, now free from the pressure of having to follow-up one of the biggest smash films of all time. They're really having FUN on set, and they're also genuinely committed to their characters and the material.

I wrote more about how specifically this "film-umentary" (a phrase the editor now coined) deals with RotJ and what it reveals about it here: For me, the big discovery/takeaway from this though was in a lost scene right after Jabba's palace that is pieced together here. It would've been a great inclusion, and seems almost necessary in retrospect. This doc does seem to go on asides like this a bit longer than the previous one, resulting in it being a much longer film. It's got a bit more information in it, too. While the editor still seems to favor the setup and early formation of the film and has less to add about the latter stages, there aren't quite as many spaces here where the film just plays as normal.

Overall, another great way to rewatch for a Star Wars fan!

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