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Great editing and technically spotless all around.

Now the cutlist intrigued me for some things I always wanted to see but couldn't find in any other edit previously (to be specific, the removal of the buzz droids sequence was what caught my eye, and it works seamlessly). There are also lots of other small trims that tone down the film's overindulgence on CGi worldbuilding, like removing the brief shot of the gas helpers in Utapau. These are the kinds of cuts that I think always benefit the PT immensely without being heavy-handed.

As for the order of events, I have grown accustomed to not seeing most of the scenes with Padmé idling in their Coruscant loft, courtesy of other fanedits, and now to see them again makes it feel much more pace breaking for me. I feel the same way with some brief moments of levity that are kept but, like the other small CGi snippets, could've gone without being missed - like the Battle Droids bullying R2 aboard the Invisible Hand, for example.

I actually found the more radical cuts, like the reduced Order 66, to be less shocking in light of what the edit proposes, which is to be closer to the OT in execution, so that was one reasoning I could follow. However it does lose some impact when viewed as an event pivotal to the film as a single feature, since we are constantly reminded by the film's production design that this is a galaxy-wide classical tragedy involving lots of players. That's also to say that I'm not the greatest fan of the new color grade, even though I also get where it's coming from. Because again, the production design screams lush set pieces and costumes and the OT grade just muffles all that.

I have mixed feelings for the rescored scenes as well. While they are very well implemented, I feel it gives the film a much too "Indiana Jonesy" vibe (for lack of a better definition), as it sounds like the film is always revelling at its own imagery rather than following the different beats to the narrative.

Still a great fanedit and a certainly solid choice that should check all the right boxes for many fans.

I'm glad I could watch it and thank you DominicCobb for sharing it.

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