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(Updated: May 23, 2014)
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This was so good! I easily prefer it to the theatrical release. There is no contest there. The only small contest, in my mind, is between your edit and njvc's. Surely njvc's montage during the Indy-stares-at-the-skull scene was probably better, and a very smart way to use removed footage.

There is one thing that has been bothering me about both edits, and it seems to me, as an outsider, an easy fix. I'm talking about the awful quicksand scene. njvc managed to "remove" the embarrassing snake aspect, and you removed the reveal of Indy's son, but why not cut the whole pointless scene? Moronic character Mutt instigates a pointless escape that goes nowhere and they are recaptured immediately. Why not go from Indy looking at the map with Cate Blanchett, describing where they should be going and fade into the trucks cutting through the jungle?
That would wipe out the stupid snake scene and the reveal about Mutt.
Of course this would only work in a cut such as yours, where you are removing Indy's parentage. (Which I applaud!)

The way you edited the scene inside the back of the truck was perfect. And I was fine with the last line dubbed in of "you're not my dad". I loved it in fact. It was the point of the whole cut. No, Indy wouldn't have a whiny annoying son like you. lol.

The final shot did feel a little like the end of a sitcom, but I am not sure what anyone can do there.

Overall, fantastic. Truly, you took a movie I hated, with a character I loved, and repaired it. Even with the aliens/ufo nonsense, you made this movie, to me, on par with Temple of Doom for sure.

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Owner's reply May 23, 2014

Glad you liked this edit. I appreciate the review.

About the sand pit scene: In fact I liked this scene, that's why it's still in this edit. I like the "professor's speach during a dangerous moment". What I did not like was the pacing of some lines (so I cut some lines) and a shot of Indy being pulled by with the snake that looked not right (that I also partialy removed. Or Entirely, can't remember). In short: it's the same scene but rearranged. And since my edit is mainly about making Mutt not Indy's son, I thought it was fun to keep THE scene when the audience knows he is Indy's son in the original (and this edit is already a bit too short for my taste so this is now a nice little scene that does not bother me and it gives more screen time with Indy and Marion.
These are my reasons for keeping that scene.

About the "stare at the Skull" moment: I wanted to link that scene with my opening scene and with the end. So it's not the same goal than NJVC's edit. You can prefer NJVC's edit of course, but I guess his edit of this scene in my edit would not work as good (for the goal of my edit) and vice versa.

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June 06, 2014
I've become a big fan of yours since this review! War of the Stars was great!
And this is definitely my preferred edit of Indy 4. (The sand pit scene will always bother me until I learn how to edit myself.) I've rewatched the Indiana Jones movies and I think this edit of Indy 4 is a better movie than Temple of Doom--which might sound like a small compliment, but it isn't meant that way. I would say your Riddles of the Lost Gods is a better movie than Last Crusade for part of the running time. Unfortunately there is just no way to re-write the end of the movie. Maybe Dan Ackroyd could show up and drink vodka from the crystal skull?
Thank for creating these edits! I am enjoying them immensely!
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