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Another enjoyable horror edit from Maniac! This is a trim version of 'The Shining' and it really moves. I personally love the original so much and think it's pretty much perfect (except for the helicopter shadow which is now gone) but this was a great alternative way to enjoy it.

A/V: 10/10 - Looks and sounds great.
Visual Editing: 9/10 - Most transitions seamless and fit with the existing ones.
Audio Editing: 9/10 - Most of the additional score was cool and well-placed.
Narrative: 8/10 - Really lean, captures pretty much everything with two minor exceptions. If I hadn't seen the movie a lot Halloran suddenly being concerned enough to visit the hotel is jarring. He's a character we literally have never seen reference the guy from 1 scene way at the beginning and then he becomes the first real character outside of our trio we see. I agree with Neg - an intro in the beginning would make this work better. I get your logic for cutting him but don't agree that having an intro that takes a long time to pay off is worse than having a "needless" scene due to time. Also, I was wondering for a while what I was supposed to think about Danny, who seemed to have no powers but was stricken physically when Jack goes into Room 237. I don't think the psychic with no powers thing is super clear. Overall, Maniac streamlined this film really nicely. The first time Wendy interrupts Jack, the bat scene, the second bar scene and many more were placed in a really smart way. We don't see ghosts until after Room 237, the conversation between Jack and Wendy is much more menacing, etc.
Enjoyment: 9/10 - Highly recommend this edit to any fans of the Shining. My daughter thought the original was boring so I think we'll check this out together. Great job!

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