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The All Time Greatest Hits from The Shining in 1 hour, 29 minutes and 17 seconds !
This is a challenge of the masterpiece. Maniac51, you've succeeded !
I personally admire Kubrick's work and thought I will never, and never and never wouldn't see a new edit, not under the approved supervision of the master himself.
Well, I'm wrong !
There is nothing really lost by the original in terms of continuity in story line.
The editing is even better then Ray Lovejoy ( not to mention, the dreadful editing of the European cut version, even under supervison of Kubrick !? ).
The Kubrick trademark; one-point perspective, beginning-middle-end, music, protracted sequences and the complicated tracking shots, remains intact.
Bringing a totally new soundtrack version of Dies Irae ( Day Of Judgment ) during Danny's tricycle scene,while the sound of the tricycle is in itself a soundtrack.
Maniac51's using of smooth fade in/fade out, smooth soundtrack editing and of course film editing itself, makes Room 237, worth watching.
By analysing Room 237, I only have two small remarks.
The scene "....there's a crazy woman in the bathtub....", the soundtrack dominate a little bit the dialog. The use of the titlecard " 4 PM ", is it on purpose ?
Overall: Maniac51, I will ever and ever and ever, follow you on your next input !
Thanks for sharing, Room 237.

( member of Stanley Kubrick's Appreciation Society )

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