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You know, I used to love my Planet of the Apes boxed set. Any time I wanted to get my Apes fix, I could crack open Caesar's bust, slide out any one of the classic movies, throw it in the DVD player and immerse myself in Apeland. Then bionicbob had to come along with this stupidly awesome fanedit and rendered my boxed set completely and utterly useless. Now Caesar's bust gathers dust: Alone, untouched, unwanted. What was once the proud centrepiece of my DVD shelf, Caesar now sits there, staring at me with dead eyes, wondering what happened to our relationship. I try to explain to him: Bionicbob happened.

I'm sure bionicbob will swear up and down that that this fanedit is meant to be an alternative viewing experience of the Apes universe and in no way intended to improve on the original version. Don't believe a word of it. In the span of 3 hours bionicbob has taken the essence of the Apes universe and created something remarkable. It's that rare moment in the fanediting world when creativity melds with technical prowess to create something truly special. Saga of the Apes is now the definitive entry in the POTA universe and one of the best fanedits I've had the pleasure of watching.

There's not much else to say except you really have to see for yourself the way the time lines are presented, the dots are connected, the parallels are revealed, and how the whole massive Saga is brought together as one coherent piece.

This is an instant classic of the fanediting world and everyone reading this should do themselves a favour and watch it. Now.
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