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Like many I was a fan of the original cartoon through never ending syndicated repeats, but old enough to see various spin offs like 13 Ghosts of Scooby Doo and a Pup Named Scooby Doo during their original airings. Add to that many straight to video movies featuring Mystery Inc.

That said I never initially warmed to Scooby Doo, I think at the time I wanted something a little closer to the cartoon. What I didn't appreciate was some of the jokes aimed at older people who grew up with the originals and preferred the sequel more for it's fan service. (A decade later Mystery inc would take the movie's template and manage to lampoon all the scooby tropes while having enough references to known horror movies that only older audiences would get.) It was Disney's recent revival of Chip & Dale that made me decide to buy the double pack dvd set - the blu ray isn't available in my country and I didn't want to buy the US version in case I ended up hating either or both films.

Sorry for waffling, onto the edit: What we have is a crisp presentation, the deleted/unused scenes are a little darker but they do the job, I was expecting them to be in a much worse condition, but I didn't find them particularly jarring. As the previous review said the animated intro is a superior replacement for the original opening. My overall favourite addition is later in the film where Velma takes to the stage to sing a musical number, Linda Cardellini manages to be hot wearing her regular frumpy clothing (moreso than her possessed glow up later in the film imho.) I didn't care too much about the added scooby scenes, but at the same time, I appreciate their inclusion and that someone much younger than me would probably enjoy them a great deal more. I didn't think notice any jarring cuts- and why would I? Bobson has been the go-to for extended cuts for quite some time.

Overall I think time has been kind to the first live action scooby doo, sure not all it's jokes fly but it does something a little different with the IP while remaining true to the cartoon origins and the additional scenes really helped to amplify my overall enjoyment.

This is great work and a thoroughly enjoyable edit. Thank you!

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