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Now this is something that I didn't think I'd ever see: something made on Windows Movie Maker that's actually watchable! For that only, Sportsman deserves credit.

The edit itself doesn't make that big of a narrative difference from the theatrical release, more of a version for fans than anything, but I'd say the development is a bit better than the official cut, with some amusing bits added here and there. Even if it's something the editor wasn't really sure about, I particularly enjoyed the Nega Scott cameos early on, the buildup makes the outcome (or lack thereof) funnier IMO. So I guess it worked.

Video quality is somewhat disappointing, for a 720p 3GB+ file it doesn't look much better than a 700mb xvid, which is maybe a limitation of the dreaded WMV format. Video blocking is noticeable all through, and given that this movie has a lot of fast cuts and camera movements during the fights, it can be distracting. Audio sounded pretty good to me, the only "off" bit being an added exchange between Knives and Young Neil early on that seemed slightly louder than the average level of the movie.

The editing itself was good for a first-time attempt, no hard audio cuts or flash frames, but I've noticed that the transition to some of the deleted scenes (such as Scott and Ramona's extended first date) is made through a fast video dissolve rather than a straight cut, and that called attention to itself as "edited" to me.

But hell, I doubt I would have been able to make something this competent with such lame software. Kudos to Sportsman, hoping he'll keep polishing his promising editing skills.
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