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Having completed his Noir Crime Trilogy, Neglify has since turned his attention to Horror - A genre that he is clearly in love with! First, we had Neg's take on Scream 4. Without doubt, that edit improved on the original, and showed a brilliant and completely out of left field understanding of where the Scream franchise could have gone if the creators had been brave enough to go there...

This time around, Neglify has turned his attention to the original 90's slasher classic and given it a makeover the likes of which you would never have expected. In Scream: The Giallo Cut, Neglify has combined his great love of classic Italian horror with his favourite modern example of the horror genre, in one of the most successfull mashup fanmix edits yet to appear on

Embracing the VHS style completely (the film has been edited from a worn copy of the original VHS home video release), the whole film has a nostalgic quality that took me right back to what it felt like to watch scary movies as a kid/teenager. It's a gimmick for sure, but it works so effectively here, and really helps sell the style/tone/feel that Neglify was shooting for.

The music replacement works a treat, and is genuinly creepy! I've had Goblin's music stuck in my head for days, and was surprised at how organically it fit the material.

I was really enthralled by this edit from beginning to end, and know that fans of the Scream series are going to absolutely love this thing. The addition of the flashbacks/ flashed boobs and sex scene was also hilarious, expertly integrated into the movie.

As far as the technical aspects go, full marks to Neglify for committing to converting the original VHS into a digital format. It's obviously not intended to look perfect, it's intended to look shitty. And on that basis, I give the audio/visual quality 10/10, as the VHS stylings really added to the experience overall. The editing is top notch (those who have tried mashups know how difficult and frustrating it can be), and enjoyment-wise, it was one of the most fun edits I have had the pleasure of watching.

If you only watch one Italian Horror/Scream movie mashup this year, make sure it's this one.

well done Neglify
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