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TV-to-Movie June 24, 2014 3138
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The biggest concern I have with mashing Smallville episodes together is sometimes the narratives can be hard to deconstruct to create a new type of scene that fits into an edit's own context. I think this has done a pretty good job of weaving everything in and out first I was like "that was abrupt" in places (particulary when Clark is mulling over about the prophecies in the cave and then being called by Jor-El), but seeing the whole picture helps put a lot of the decisions early on into better perspective.

Two flaws were the highly intrusive music mixing in with the dialouge at the plant scene and an irritable Good Charlotte song when Clark's on the bender in Metropolis, but those are faults of the tv show, not the editor.

I enjoyed the film, having seen too many Smallville edits which start at the begining, it's actually refreshing to see something that dips a bit into the later portions of the early run, while some aspects of this edit require existing knowledge of the show, the focus on the characters is helped greatly by the pre-credits set-up from "Pilot" so anyone fresh can at least tell what's going on and what sets Lex and Clark apart in regards to being from two different worlds

There is an extended cut of this which I have yet to see, but no doubt I will find it just as entertaining.

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