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(Updated: June 21, 2022)
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I had the good fortune of being invited to preview this edit, and so saw the many thoughtful changes along the way to this final version. What we get here is a faster-moving action film, one that is still fun and funny but that now allows the heart of the movie to shine. I can recommend it without hesitation to anyone as a shelf-replacer.

There are a few central strengths to this edit. Firstly, most of the forced elements and cringey humor are gone. Secondly, the supporting characters no longer threaten to dominate the story and steal focus from the title character. Finally, the narrative is cleaned up and restructured so that it makes more sense and has less obvious plot holes.

I still have a few quibbles with the edit in terms of how I view a few characters and would prefer their motivations to be portrayed, and the ending feels a bit rushed and anti-climatic to me (criticisms I discussed with the editor) but these are easily outweighed by the major benefits to the story. The narrative is now shifted to firmly focus on this one, screwed-up family, and their emotional connections with each other. Xialing now seems worthy of evolving into her comic book counterpart as Shang-Chi's main antagonist, and Katy is treated with more value and less as a walking trope.

Unless someone comes along and massively reworks this into a wild, redubbed, Warriors of Zu type wuxia romp, this is likely to remain the definitive version of the film. Highly recommended for anyone with even a passing interest.

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Owner's reply June 23, 2022

Thank you so much for your help along the way! Your assistance and perspective was incredibly valuable!

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June 25, 2022
My pleasure!
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