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Shattered Island (Shutter Island) - Heavysyde

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I hadn’t liked what Scorsese had been directing for awhile, but friends assured me "Shutter Island" was a return to form. A throwback to "Cape Fear". Well, like the man says, there’s another sucker born every minute.
I didn’t like it. The film was overlong, bloated, with a “good enough” conclusion.
I think of doddering codgers droning on and on, instead of telling a concise story.
Heavysyde’s edit removes the flatulence.
More than that, he had rearranged the narrative by cross-cutting the final act, heightening the suspense, ensuring viewers stay alert and start guessing.
His new ending works better, as well, delivering a wicked stitching up of loose threads.
Visuals are first rate. The audio is strong, although dialogue is overwhelmed by music and ambiance at times. Such is in the original, as well. Audio engineers ought to know dialogue overrules crickets.
While I like the edit, all the cutting, the transitions are another matter. Too many fade to blacks, those blacks are too long. I think the edit would have been better served with a few wipes, and maybe lap dissolves.
This is a quibble, however, and if curious you should check this one out.

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