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Great job with this one Zarius! Being a huge Sherlock fan, I truly enjoyed this edit. The first episode is just as its title, the little that remains. Very streamlined and fast paced which is nice to see in Sherlock. The Adventures of CAM is a great cut of the original. There are good cuts in this, but sadly the narrative kinda suffers due to the skip of the wedding, because suddenly Mary and John are married, but I and the people who have watched the original episodes can easily connect the dots so that's alright.

Also, this awesome edit inspired my own first edit, The Return of Sherlock, so, thanks a lot Zarius!

I'll certainly recommend this edit for anyone that enjoys a good dose of Sherlock. :)
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November 27, 2017
Thanks a lot buddy. Your input is always appreciated. The only reason I didn't edit "Sign of Three" was because I found it the least inspring..I'd only really have cut out the drunk stuff from that and left everything else in. Besides, a lot of shows have "time skip" episodes so I didn't see the harm in trusting the audience to make the necessary connections. At least you came along and tackled the wedding portion so everyone has a prequel of sorts now.
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