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Tremault made Black Panther 2 into a very watchable, more enjoyable version. The original was messy with too much unfocused material and lots of cringe.

By removing the bloat this edit removes most of the cringe.

I laughed when the whales first popped up at the bridge and unfortunately there’s very little that can be done to remove them.

And most of all — this edit improves dramatic impact throughout with various scene rearrangement. This is cut the way a good, tight film should be cut. Professionally done.

The new intro especially pays proper homage to the fallen BP.

Visual editing was near perfect. With one of the cuts of the Queen, she mini teleported (as she was getting up). But it did not look jarring in any way.

Audio editing sounded very professional (watched on tv not headphones). There were two audio cuts toward the end final duo battle that sounded like maybe the music shifted but it wasn’t egregious and could be something easily heard in a studio cut.

For me the cuts to the end battle felt overall good — but just slightly heavy handed. Now a lot of that stuff needed to be cut. Tremault cut the right amount to achieve the goal of focusing on The Princess. But in doing so the victory at the end felt a little too easy.

This would be my definitive version except for some issues with audio and video quality. I would have also preferred the release to be in surround 5.1 rather than stereo.

Most of the time the video quality was acceptable, but with moderate to excessive color banding and blocking in some darker scenes, video quality ranged from good to poor. The H265 version of this edit has higher perceptual visual quality than the H264 release and my comments are based on H265. The H264 one alone would have received lower scores.

Notably a scene with really excessive banding and blocking was with the Princess in the astronaut dive suit underwater.

In that scene the sound quality is also noticeably garbled, lacking detail, and with high end artifacts.

The audio compression becomes very noticable in scenes with loud music. Given the high-ish variable bitrate of the AAC file the sound should have been very good but wasn’t.

Overall I loved this edit. Loved it. So much improved.



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