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Review by stplayahtn — August 23, 2008 @ 9:04 am

First of all, thanks for your hard work. Signs is my favorite M. Night movie despite its flaws, some of which you rectified.

I viewed the avi, and there are major problems with the file. It is encoded in divx instead of xvid for some reason, and the results are awful. Artifacting is really atrocious and detracts from the enjoyment of the movie.

There are no hard audio cuts or bad video transitions to be found. Technically, it is great.

I love how you removed M. Night’s character from the film. Given the footage available, you did a nice job mixing him out. The motivation for Gibson’s character to enter the house changes from M Night telling him an alien is inside, to the ran sacked office causing concern. It is subtle, but works wonderfully.

There is very small continuity error created early on when the family goes to town. In the original, Gibson’s character tells the family they need to stop watching television and they set off. Later, Gibson turns off the radio and says “No radio either. Just for a while.” This refers back to a removed bit of dialogue. The same continuity error reoccurs later after Gibson’s encounter with the alien in the field. He says something like “Alright, we can turn on the tv now” It is a small issue, but noticeable to a fan of the film.

The addition of the deleted scene was done really nicely. Obviously, it is not the same quality as the rest of the film but good enough. It really fleshes out the escape to the cellar and makes Gibson’s character look even nuttier. I think it really adds to the break down of his character and makes his return of faith later play a little better.

The montage at the end was a nice touch as well.

All in all, it was a nice edit. I think you should probably remove the divx version altogether, and either replace it with a nice xvid rip or just leave it off. It really lowers the quality of the work.
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