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The original film "Silent Hill: Revelations" is objectively not a good movie (full review here:, but it did have some interesting visuals and so might make a decently scary Halloween watch with some edits. Sadly, I don't think this fanedit manages to polish up the film.

Firstly, there are just a couple technical issues...not a big deal, but noticeable. I wished the sound mix would've been a little more even. There are a couple of edits where I noticed audio and visual hiccups, either separately or together. It doesn't break the movie, but they draw attention to this as a fanedit.

The bigger issue is the cuts, though. This is not a conservative edit that takes out very specific lines or shots. Whole scenes are removed, often without regard to how that impacts the story. For example, early in the movie, our main character is nervous about going to her first day at a new school. Then a scene is removed, so we're left watching her abruptly standing up in class and telling everyone to F*** off for absolutely no reason. It doesn't endear her to us. Later, she and Kit Harrington's hair are in her house when the police suddenly threaten to break down the door. They're trying to figure out how to escape, and then they're suddenly in a car driving on the highway casual as can be. Boy, I'm glad they ...uh...went out a window? Or talked their way out? Somehow?

This edit is highly subjective, leaving in cheese, taking out good scenes, and actually making the narrative more fragmented and harder to follow. I don't know if there's a way to actually significantly improve this film, but I don't think this is it. Maybe these issues will be fine for someone else, but they personally broke the movie for me.

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