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When the director of the original film gives praise to a fanedit and says this is how he intended the movie to be originally, then you know you did something right. I have the blu-ray and he says exactly that in an interview in the special features. For those of you who don't know the story, the director wanted the film to be something like this one here, without all the Sean Bean scenes. The studio insisted that he added a male character. Well, he did, but he made the movie pretty long on purpose in order to bluff the studio, making them tell him to cut the runtime and then he would say, well, guess what, I can only cut the Sean Bean scenes, and ultimately get what he wanted. But the studio called his bluff because they loved the "extended version" and that was it. (To be fair the director wasn't talking about Aztek's edit specifically, but Spence's, but it's the same principle)

I was a big fan of the Silent Hill game and I was also a fan of the theatrical version of the movie. It's not without its problems, but it was a pretty good video game adaptation.

Technical-wise the edit is great. I couldn't tell if any given scene was tampered with in any way and the removal of almost all the scenes were good choice. But, as another reviewer said, the ending is not that good. I found it a bit abrupt and didn't have the impact that the theatrical one had.

Otherwise, this is definitely recommended, the movie is more focused, more well paced and there is also the bonus point that this what the director originally wanted to do!

Thanks to anyone who read my review and thank you Aztek463 for your hard work!

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