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(Updated: December 12, 2014)
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I'm another one of those "I usually don't do reviews" people, but after watching your great Bond edit I felt like I should recommend it. The reason why I refrain from commenting most of the time is that the rating scores seem to be inflated, so in comparison anything but a 10 can only mean mediocrity - but in this case it isn't.

Narrative: When I saw this in the cinema, I was deeply disappointed, and I've seen every Bond of the last decades on the big screen. But with your cuts, it feels like a new movie and I can understand a bit better what's there to like about it in the first place. Unbelievable, what a huge effect a fanedit can have once a movie's biggest problem(s) are identified correctly. Doesn't fix my lack of sympathy for the "kidnap M and hide in a country house" plot, though :-)

Enjoyment: The most added value comes with faneditor's comments, and it really makes your work shine hearing what the ideas and limitations were. I'll check out your other Bond releases asap, and hope you'll do the "Licence to Kill" edit next, of course including another commentary track!

A/V: You mentioned the skipping in the opening credits yourself, and the important blend when cutting Silva's entrance imho doesn't fit in the visual style of the movie. Otherwise it's what you'd expect from a sd video source. Most cuts are seamless and I wouldn't notice unless you comment on them yourself.

Last and really last, I am again puzzled about the lack of a digital release (at least from .info) as a lot of people will watch this on a computer. So unless you're adding over-the-top dvd-only features using the old mpeg2 encoding is a waste of space. After cutting the black bars, re-coding to h264+aac, it's 1/3rd of the size with equal quality. If you'd offer an encoding yourself right away from the source, it would save bandwidth/disk space and imagine it would have better quality than a re-re-code.

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