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Review by Omaru1982 — May 2, 2011 @ 9:22 pm

Watched this yesterday and today (1 part per day)

Absolutely fantastic, even though I have season 1-7 on dvd I hadn’t watched them in quite a while.
Removing most of the meteor freaks was a great choice, if I recall the fortune teller was just one episode, however splitting up her encounters across different events made it seem like clark’s time with her was enjoyable enough to re-vist her. I know bob mentioned cutting the adaption storyline, but as Clark’s only discovered power (other than speed and strength) it gave us a chance to see him using his power before the finding his dad storyline (nice call omitting clark perving on the cheer squad by the way)

I really have nothing bad to say about this, it plays to everyones strengths, Whitney comes across less dickish, especially early on. The only thing I found close to a continuties were the reporter and kryptonite, what exactly did he see Clark do previously, but I was happy to overlook this very minor detail. Regarding with Kryptonite, we can assume that Smallville is littered with Rock fragments and in his youth he probably encountered some and fell sick, hence Jonathan’s knowledge of them.

As for other seasons? I’d love that, although maybe span a few plots from the various seasons to cut across them quicker? The main arc about Jason and Genevive Teague, I’d probably abandon that in it’s entirety.

Tech: 10/10 (I recall one little scene near the start where the image has been cropped to hide the credits)
Story: 9/10, a perfect digest of the important plot strands of season 1 (and the tying up loose ends from season 2) with maybe a little filler thrown in for good measure.
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