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Awesome!!! It may benefit from further polishing although seeing as the main improvement is the step down from the overly bright, overly clean appearance that separated prequeals from the originals Im not sure. Its got low techification effects to immitate the earlier production standards, and a grittier feeling to the shots, grainier maybe - I guess like the old school film used (no expert here) - a fuzzy filter. Ive got AVCHD streaming file viewed on VLC. Maybe a bluray grade MKV will be all improvement necessary.

Its been ages since I watched these as kind of fell out of love with the Star Wars universe after its loss of homogeneity, lacking a vital sense of continuity between the films. I believe this fan edit has done what needed to be done. Less appeal to the 'family friendly' crowd with lame humour; what I was calling Disneipifcation before I understood what that really meant..... Im new here and am yet to behold a salvation of the sequels. Good start on this one!!!

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