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I've never been a great lover of the Star Wars prequels but when they the blu-ray box set became available the completest in me had to get all 6 movies. After watching them over the Christmas holidays it was torture watching these prequels and I wanted to replace them with fanedits and so I decided to take a look L8wrtr edit.

overall the edit is a vast improvement over the original, not only does this edit make Jar-Jar Binks watchable but even dare i say likable. the ending is extremely well done in stripping back the many different story elements and placing the focus on the fight scenes and Anakin. I've briefly listened to the commentary and was surprised by just how much was removed without me noticing.

I'm not a die hard star wars fan so one or two edit choices that were made I wouldn't have made as i feel thay effect the overall story. for instance it never bothered me that Anakin built C3-PO so this removal was noticeable when all of a sudden a droid is hanging around our main characters without him ever been introduced.

also i felt to much was removed from the pod race, with two laps to go they are 6 pods still competing then in a matter in minutes it's just between Anakin and Sebulba without ever seeing what happens to the other four competitors. i can understand the editors reason in wanting to remove the Wacky Races aspect to the pod-race but for me it just didn't feel right.

overall L8wrtr has made what i consider a bad film more tolerable but i'm still on the look out for the perfect Episode I fanedit. I'm giving this a 7/10
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