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Review by Rock Savage — December 27, 2008 @ 6:15 pm

Spawn Of Frankenstein – Remixed by Jorge

Unfortunately, after much anticipation this FanEdit simply failed to work for me on any level.

Contains Spoilers!!!!

First, the opening credits are completely out of keeping with the feel of the original source material. Bright green text over a sepia montage just feels odd and plainly wrong…. And why the need for the axing and mutilation of a cow's head? What does that have to do with the creation of a monster or any of the themes presented in Frankenstein? To me this felt gratuitous in the extreme and totally out of keeping.

Also the music was poorly selected and integrated. Mostly it consists of music cues that are obviously from a more modern era and so they feel far too clean when compared with the later Franz Waxman score that dominates Bride Of Frankenstein in the second half. These new cues are also too low in the mix when compared with the later original score and no effort has been made to distress them. I think sticking to the same composer’s works or at least the same era would have helped with over-all continuity of the FanEdit.

The sepia look of the film works well but I did notice quite a lot of inter-lacing particularly in the action scenes or with fast movement.

The new editing during the creation of the Monster during the electrical storm was done very well but feels too frenetic and MTV when compared with the pace of the editing that proceeded it. Less rapid cutting would have again helped with an over-all continuity of the FanEdit.

Another concern was that the FanEdit appeared to be flipped horizontally. With my DVD’s of the originals the action takes place in the opposite direction. I am not sure if this was done purposely by the FanEditor or is a fault of different DVD versions but it feels like looking at a photograph of a loved one but seeing that familiar mole on wrong cheek.

I can tell a lot of work went into this FanEdit and I am sure that some will enjoy the anachronistic update but it utterly failed for me. It is distracting, awkward and disappointing almost on every level. I will stick with the originals and all their raw naivety.

The DVD is well presented visually but I was put off by the cheesy 80′s type rock music selected for the opening menu. A total misfire for creating any atmosphere for the feature FanEdit that follows. The scene selection menu looks unfinished.

Entertainment 2 – Editing 2 – Audio 1 – DVD Presentation – 1

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