Spence Wins December 2021 FEOTM


The winner for December 2021 FEOTM is Spence with their edit, Frank Herbert’s Dune – The Spence Edit Revised!


“Dune has been a passion project for almost a decade, so to have it be finished in a way I’m satisfied with, have such positive feedback, and to be voted Fanedit of the Month is particularly meaningful to me. I’m absolutely thrilled that people seem to be enjoying it. I think this is the best edit I’ve ever done, and absolutely took the most work and editing chops to get it to where it is, so it’s wonderful for it to be recognized this way. Shoutouts to bionicbob and ArtisDead for test viewing it a bajillion times and giving me amazing feedback that was instrumental in making this as good as it is.”


Congratulations, Spence!


Frank Herbert’s Dune on IMDB

Frank Herbert’s Dune – The Spence Edit Revised on IFDB


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