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Extended Edition August 26, 2018 18278
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As usual, Bobson asks the question "why subtract when you can add?" This is the most complete version of the masterpiece known as Spider-Man 3. Thank you to Bobson for extending this film to its full length and doing the editors' jobs for them, no idea why the studio didn't release this themselves in 2017. Overall, I very much enjoyed the film and this extended edition in particular, some footage I'd never seen before, and I'm one of the few who thinks Spider-Man 3 is the best of the trilogy anyway. This film is so packed, if only there were more footage, I heard that it was supposed to be 3 hours long originally - I could easily watch that.

A few comments:

That Proto-Venom at 1:12:24 was demonic, never seen that before. Is that from the Editor's Cut?
I believe there's only one alternate take here that's used (as opposed to a cut or addition) - the house fight opening. Personally, I prefer the opening in the Theatrical Cut as the dialogue is better delivered, although Peter touching the suit in the Editor's Cut is a good shot, so I'd keep the theatrical cut and add in the shot of Peter touching his chest. Only a minor gripe though.
1:51:03 transition here seems a bit rough.
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