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I want to make this clear upfront. This review is NOT a reflection on Bobson's work or skill. The goal with this edit wasn't necessarily to create a good movie, so much as it was to create the longest possible cut of Spider-Man 3 without any scenes removed; akin to restoring a workprint, if you will, rather than fine-tuning or perfecting that workprint. In solely reviewing it from that standpoint, Bobson's restoration is technically flawless (and if they're reading this, well done).

Now a review of the film itself. In short, it's still terrible. If I'm being honest, increasing the runtime actually creates a new problem; in that not only do I not care what's going on, because of how unlikeable and/or underdeveloped some of the characters are, the pacing is now so slow I kept checking my watch to see when it would end. If you're interest in this edit is that the restored material potentially fixes or improves the film, manage your expectations.

I'll re-iterate, this edit constitutes a technical experiment in restoring an original film's workprint. While Bobson succeeds in doing that with flying colors, alas it does not constitute a good film.

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