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SonOfSinbad did warn me that this was only a lite edit but I proceeded anyway.

For the record I don't hate Spider-man 3, but I am looking for a definitive cut. This wasn't it for me but it was still enjoyable nonetheless. I did like the trims to Flint Marko. In the theatrical cut it's hard to accept his atonement because of all the collateral damage he does, maybe I'm misremembering but his attacks during the robbery don't seem quite so brutal. Brock is also slightly improved by slightly less whiney.
For people hoping for less scenery chewing Peter its a bit of yes and no, his motion for wearing the suit seems to be anger, even when he's dancing and showing of, it's his attempt to win MJ back, but gone are the moments of Peter rolling his eyes on the phone and eating cookies. Back in black during the street dance was an inspired choice, it actually works pretty well - though the song did seem slightly louder than the rest of the audio.

At 2 hours this mostly flew by so it's worth a look, it's just not as strict with the cutting room floor as I'd like it to be.

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