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(Updated: January 24, 2022)
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Hello, this is a take on Raimi's Spider-Man 3 that is far superior to the theatrical release.

Cheesy dialogue is drastically reduced, and the story is more consistent and mature this way.

You will not be thrown out of the experience by any shameful piece of dialogue or senseless storylines.

The HD remaster is delightful. And the little touches added, here and there, are really good.

I only had one more wish:
- that Sandman was removed from the final scene. We don't really need a forced team up between Sandman and Venom now. Venom alone is enough to be a menace, and they (Brock and the Symbiote) can be enough to get to MJ or to kill Harry.
- the last time Spidey sees Sandman could be when they fight in the underground, and the fact that Sandman survives could easily be a post-credit scene.

PS: I did this changes in a fanedit of Spider-Man 3 that I tried to do, but it did not get approval because of its poor audio and video quality, which I agree!

All in all, great fanedit, great remaster, much better than the original, thank you!

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