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There have been a few attempts to improve Spider-Man 3, This is a great one.

Generally seen as the weakest of the trilogy, Spider-Man 3 is a fair movie but its hampered by a bit too much going on (3 villains, Gwen Stacey, etc.), by a fair amount of cheese, and by unnecessarily revisiting Uncle Ben's death yet again (this time by shoe-horning Sandman/ Flint Marko into the original tragedy). Venom looked a bit odd too.

Bobson Dugnutt has had a previous go at the film with an extended edition "Spider-Man 3.1: The Hybrid Cut" (which I liked very much), but here he goes in the opposite direction, cutting almost half an hour, mixing in some new scenes and fiddling with the narrative. Its significantly de-cheesed (is that a word?), much less bloated (for example, the Uncle Ben / Flint Marko connection is thankfully gone), and there is a lot less exposition.

The film is a lot darker now, has a more consistent tone, much better pacing and much clearer themes and arc. It has much more of the same feel as Spider-Man 1 and 2 as well. It works very well.

In short, much, much better -- definitely superior to the official version. I kind of liked the official version, but this? I like it very much.

I didn't give audio full marks as there is a sound glitch in my version (8 gb) early in the MJ and Peter gazing at the stars, lying on a giant web, scene.

But otherwise it’s the smooth ride, audio and video, we expect from Bobson.

Strongly recommended.

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April 14, 2021
I saw Spider-Man 3: The Enemy Within not too long ago. I love it!!
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