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(Updated: November 03, 2022)
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I gotta say compare to other fan edits such as "spider-man 3: redemption" this is possibly the best version of spider-man 3 and the best overall fan edit of said movie. Unlike redemption, the edits and cuts feel more natural and scenes are fleshed-out with better context than being abrupt with awkwardly forced transitions in-between scenes from the former though there are similarities between the two like the dance scene at the jazz club for example. My favorite part is when Spider-man forgives the sandman for Harry's Death than Uncle Ben's death instead. The tone is more balanced with drama and comedy like in the first movie thanks to the deleted scenes that even it out. But My only complaint which is me just being nit-picky was the removal of the bully Maguire montage because while yes it was cringe-worthy and maybe the scene that jumped the shark but I warmed to it to the point of nostalgia. But also the montages are traditional within the trilogy such as the city montage in the first movie and the spider-man no more montage in the second movie so to me the third movie feels pretty alien without one. Overall this is another great fan edit by Bobson Dugnutt that made this movie a worthy entry to the spider-man trilogy than feeling like it's black sheep.

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