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Bobson Dugnutt never fails to knock it out of the park with his edits, and this one is no exception. Spider-Man: Far From Home, like Homecoming before, was/is a solid film with a few missing elements. I felt especially the "to-do list" should have absolutely been in the final cut of the film. I liked that macmillan included it in his edit, but I love how you took out the list transitions and seamlessly turning it into a very natural montage. Which brings me to the other small yet expertly done edits: "let's go for a ride." is well put in despite it being in a TV spot which makes a very good transition to the next scene. The class looking at the items in the shop is a substantial addition perfectly showing how and why they are distracted while Pete is elsewhere. "Beck creating a false energy reading for Fury" scene why wasn't that in the movie at all is also beyond me. MJ and Pete on the plane just a brilliant addition as well as a great pay off. Finally, the original mid credits scene happening BEFORE the credits is a very great choice in my mind. I love how you make small editions yet expand the movie in a natural way without it feeling bloated whatsoever. I highly recommend any first time watcher of the movie to watch your edit and fans of the MCU.

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