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Having seen the original version in theaters, I decided to go with an expanded cut. Mostly the same as the original with extended and deleted scenes plugged in. The biggest deleted scene that I could spot was the much Peter’s To Do List sequence which we glimpsed in the trailers from before the movie came out. Peter uses a spider-bot in part of this sequence, which is really interesting and maybe was meant to be even a tie-in to the Disneyland ride but ultimately, it’s more distracting than anything because it’s never really seen before or ever again. Along with that there are some minor changes that don’t really do much for the movie and feel appropriate getting cut out. I do have to admit that playing on the mid-credits sequence and shifting it to the end of the actual film mirroring the “what the fu…” of the first film which was really cool and my preferred choice.

My version of the edit had problems on VLC player where the sound was a half second off from the film any time there was an addition it would fix itself and then be out of sync again. I’m not sure if it was just my copy but it was certainly frustrating. The editor is a great seasoned editor and I’ve seen other fanedits from them so I’m going to say it’s probably my copy. Outside of this, the visual and sound editing was pristine and spotless.

So while some of the additions are welcomed as mentioned above, I think the combination of my technical issues that I experienced, and the needlessness of some of the other edits (the class wandering around the shop, Beck talking to extras) doesn’t make it replacement worthy for me. Still enjoyed it though.

As for the film itself, I enjoy the MCU Spider-man films, yet once again, it’s a better MCU film than a Spider-man film. Tom Holland’s Peter Parker is still obviously a teenager and it’s a much needed differentiating element, yet he shirks responsibility often and is pretty irresponsible, which after having seeing No Way Home it’s clear that that’s been the point of these films.

I find it interesting that both of the MCU Spider-man films have big reveals of the villain to kick off it’s third act. Both Jake Gyllenhall and Michael Keaton were excellent in their roles, and are both scene stealers. Particularly of note is the Dr. Strange-esque Mysterio illusion sequence, and although it’s fully CGI, it’s wonderful in it’s surrealist imagery and the closest that Marvel has gotten to a pure visual feast of mystical realism (next to Dr. Strange’s sequences). It’s pretty on par with the first film with Parker balancing his relationship woes, protecting his classmates, and his Spider-man/ Avenger duties.

Glad they kept the same thematic elements with Tony Stark’s shadow throughout, playing very well off of the previous film. Enjoyable Marvel blockbuster material, but never really stretches or live beyond the film like some of MCU’s best.

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