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MCU’s Spider-Man is not my cup of tea for a great number of reasons, so I was excited to see this, especially since Masirimso17’s Responsibility Edition of Homecoming was a much better viewing experience for me than the official release.

Technically, this edit is almost perfectly done. Having no vivid memory of the original film, I could not tell where it was tampered except for the part where Back in Black was replaced with a new song and the sound was a notch too loud. Removing the Happy-May romance and the repetitive jokes like the “Peter-Tingle” or Pete hit by the bell in Venice was a wise choice, and even though I had my reservations about the complete removal of the bus scene (that’s the version I watched) in terms of narration, I must say it works like a charm. One thing I particularly enjoyed was the editor’s addition of Pete’s PTSD due to the Snap. Sure, it doesn’t go deeper than Tony’s PTSD in Iron Man 3 –and that was superficial enough-, but it’s still nice to see that a life-changing event like that had some kind of impact on him, instead of just having him carelessly flirt like any other schoolboy.

On a more personal note, however, I cannot say in all honesty that even this edit saves the film for me. I cannot stand the current trend of caricatures in superhero films and Far From Home is unfortunately full of them; the students, the teachers, even Beck’s team, speak and act throughout the whole film as if they’re a part of a travesty. Beck’s team, for example, is supposed to consist of former employees of Stark Industries, they’re supposed to be at the very least somewhat intelligent, but for the most part they act like Gaston’s sidekick, LeFou (e.g. William playing with his phone while on rehearsal or Janice and that cape). This is by no means a reproach to Masirimso’s hard work. I understand very well that removing all those without compromising the narrative would be impossible, so I guess the film is pretty much unsalvageable for me.

All in all, it all comes down to your personal taste. If you enjoyed the original, this fan-edited, improved version is for you. If not, well, do not expect an entirely different viewing experience.

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