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Have to credit Masirimso17 with doing a top-notch job here, on what was a far-from-perfect theatrical release. Spider-Man is hands-down my favourite superhero, even since I was a kid, and it's been hard for me to see the films get it wrong time and again (mainly the Garfield franchise tbh). Homecoming had the right mix of fun and action about it, but then Far From Home just went a bit heavy on the slapstick which really slowed the film down and made it irritating as hell.

Masirimso17's changes to the film are 100% positive and has made a slow, dull film at once lively and entertaining, whilst still retaining the fun. Due to his seemless editing skills, I only noticed the changes by comparison. Gone are the irritating Peter tingle references, the Aunt May/Happy romance, and Happy rescuing the kids in London. Trimmed down is the bus drone sequence. All very, very welcome changes!

Well done, and hat's off! I would only say one thing for a possible v.2: the audio at 0:06:18 (in the school corridor) suddenly gets unbearably loud mid-dialogue - may need a tweak there. Also, I feel that the 'humourous' interaction between the 2 teachers on the trip could be trimmed down, as they get quite annoying after a while. Other than that, this is defo my go-to version of this movie from now on!

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