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This was such a solid edit. I've seen the movie enough time to know what scenes were removed/added but a casual watcher wouldn't notice them being gone. I'm glad the "To Do List" was added since it should have been in the theatrical cut from the get go. The PTSD added a nice element to what Peter had been mentally going through since Endgame. He's a 16 year old kid who fought a war against aliens...who wouldn't want a break from superheroing.

I watched the version without the bus/drone scene and frankly it wasn't missed and now feels like it slows the movie down for a few extra minutes of comedy. Also removing the scenes with Happy & co. escaping the drones was a nice touch. Letting the final act focus on Spidey & Mysterio felt better paced. The editing was done perfectly and felt like one fluid scene.

My only complaints, which a very minor are the missing Happy/May romance. I know it's cheesy and does nothing for the plot but I still enjoyed the interaction between the two of them and awkwardness from Peter. The other issue was the audio for "Left Hand Free" was a tad to high during the suit assembly scene which kind of drowned out Peter.

All in all kudos to Masirimso17 for doing an amazing job and letting me watch it. This will be my go to Far From Home movie from now on!

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