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I came into the fan-editing world because of Star Wars. I discovered an alternative world of people editing MCU movies, after tirelessly surfing the web of an edit of The Last Jedi that is. Thanks to macmillan's Avengers: Assembled edit, I was intrigued to find more stellar edits. Bobbson Dugnutt's edit of Homecoming signifies merely just the beginning of my probably unhealthy addiction of fan edits. Now, on to the edit of the hour, Spider-Man: Homecoming was a great and surprisingly plot solid film even after subsequent viewings it remained a relatively brilliant movie in my eyes. It is an excellent movie that depicts a perfectly cast young Peter Parker working effectively with the Tony Stark "father figure" dynamic. However, for years, I couldn't figure out the niggling missing element that kept knocking on the doors in my head. That was Uncle Ben. I'm keen on skipping the origin story after sitting through it twice with the Tobey and Andrew iterations. However, there could've been at least a line or a flashback of Uncle Ben (the core/heart of Spider-Man IMO).

Before I get to that pivotal moment, I genuinely loved the small edits such as the "2012" and "present day" subtitles. This is because I knew the beginning took place sometime after The Avengers movie in 2012, but then it said 8 years later I was like, "So what is the exact chronology of the MCUniverse anyway?" Thank you for that. I equally enjoyed the inclusion of the Liz encouraging Pete deleted scene. The scene included not only extra bits of Pete's social life, but it adds more to them being friends and caring for each other (even if they never get together in the end). I also felt it was an excellent decision by both you and Bobbson to cut the jokes of May being hot for the kiddies (well done). The score changes for the "Iron Man to the rescue" scenes as well as the Danny Elfman motifs in others were a lot better IMO. They undoubtedly added so much more tension and emotion within them.

Which ushers me to the second half of the movie, the Uncle Ben inclusion during his decision to swoop in to action instantly recognizing what he's been fighting for. It made me become aware of the small yet crucial addition that was missing. The necessary decision to cut humor in some action scenes was brilliant too. The cut of Tony's "If you're nothing without the suit..." dialogue before Pete clears the rubble is a classic example of properly conveying emotion through "show don't tell". I agree the message is perfectly SHOWN with the shot of Pete looking at his water drenched mask (made even better with the familiar Danny Elfman motif). The addition of the proposal scene being moved to be an after credits scene, need I say more? In conclusion, all cuts were seamless and this edit is by far my new go-to when watching Spider-Man: Homecoming in my MCU marathons. I sincerely loved every minute of it, Spider-Man: Homecoming - Responsibility Edition without a doubt should have been the final cut. I am so glad I watched this. It has made the original movie into an even better movie more in tune with the spirit of Spider-Man. Well done, Masirimso17.

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