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This is a definitely improved version over the original film, although I must confess it’s still not entirely to my liking. First things first, Ben Parker’s death scene is extremely well-done and well-placed in the story, giving back Peter his core element of the character that is still sorely missing from his MCU version. I bet that anyone who hasn’t seen the original film and TASM would never be able to tell the difference. Bravo to Masirimso17 for that! Moreover, the use of the classic Elfman theme is always a nice touch, and hearing it during the rubble scene -so damned fitting- brought some manly tears to my eyes. As for trimming down some of the usual MCU humor, you will never hear me complain about that, especially when it’s so perfectly done as in the Responsibility Edition. There’s also at least one scene added with Peter and Liz, as far as I remember, which felt a little de-saturated, but I’m not very sure I would have spotted that if I didn’t know this was a fan-edit.

My main complain is that the film still remains too goofy for my taste. And I strongly believe that cutting out a joke or two more would have been entirely possible and to the film’s benefit. My prime example, the elevator scene: It would have been so dramatic if the ending of that scene was trimmed down, instead of having caricatures of people shouting down the elevator shaft, killing the mood.

But that’s just something according to my taste. For anyone who has already enjoyed Homecoming and is looking for something more, this is the fan-edit for you.

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