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This was a very nice edit by Masirimso17. A real enhancement of a movie I liked made even better.

It was an excellent decision to remove instances of Aunt May being an object of desire. I always liked her character in the mold of protecter and leader in the mold of her previous iterations in the Spiderman universe as opposed to having various men ogling over her. I thought some of the cuts to other very awkward humor were proper and warranted.

I really liked the addition/creation of the new Uncle Ben scene. It helped enhance the narrative in a positive way. However, it did not feel as it flowed naturally within the movie. It seemed noticeable like it was an added extra. The movie is still better with it than without.

The cuts and rearrangements in this edit really hit home Peter's growing up and becoming responsible. In that regard, the editor succeeded in the stated intent to hammer in this point. On that account, my enjoyment was hindered by watching the portrayal of immature high school students. This is not the editor's fault as it is an integral part of the narrative to demonstrate the growth of a teenager. This type of content can aggravate me personally.

I also personally liked the additions of the musical score from previous Spiderman franchises that added a flair of nostalgia. Normally, I am against nostalgia-baiting, but it worked here as it fit the flow of the movie.

I want to thank the editor for sharing this edit with me. It was personally enjoyable. I recommend this edit for others who want an enhanced, but not radically restructured version of this movie.

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