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TV-to-Movie November 30, 2015 9325
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I hate when people just give all 10's and say "not much to say, great job!" but here I am. This is exactly what PE's detailed description makes it sound like. It's a perfectly executed faithful adaptation of the much-loved Spider-Man show from the '90s. Watching this, you'd never know it originally had commercials in it or was three separate episodes. Both the audio and video cuts are flawless. I only detected one instance where a line was difficult to hear due to the music (2nd Spidey/Rhino fight) but that might have been in the original audio. The story flows very well, and while a few of the cut lines on the cutlist seemed unnecessary to me, I also didn't miss them. So: probably a good call.

This thing has a frantic pace where they jam a ton of story in to a short time. That was just the style of the original cartoon, and watching this really brought me back. Despite being made for kids, this is far more enjoyable than the theatrical version of Spider-Man 3. Now if only PE can make a cut of the Green Goblin's episodes, we could throw that on back to back with this for a total SM3 replacement! (Please, please.)

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