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Aside from creating a ton of excellent fan-edits, one of Bobson's great accomplishments might be getting me to actually like the Sam Raimi Spider-movies. I had grudging respect for aspects of the Michael Chabon-penned "2" but I'd written off "1" and "3" as both being corny, over-stuffed messes.

And while time and critical opinion and memes have been very kind to that trilogy (and if anybody hasn't watched BD's "2.2" and "3: Enemy Within", they kick ass), 1 *does* still feel like a bit of a self-parody of a superhero movie and a relic of a bygone age before the lesson was learned that you don't necessarily have to do the hero's origin AND the biggest villain in the same movie. As such, this edit is less "The Unaired Pilot" and more "Spider-Man: The Amazing Fantasy 15 Cut." Spidey's origin is a big enough story, inarguably the best superhero origin and doesn't need to be muddled up with Norman Osborn's cookie-cutter "mad scientist experimenting on himself" plot that Willem Dafoe managed to elevate to Power Ranger kabuki theatre, bless his creepy heart.

This story doesn't need a villain -- Spider-Man's first and most powerful nemesis is himself, and this edit proves it. The fact that it comes wrapped up in retro-faux-lost-media charm only adds to its greatness.

My only qualm (and I've been in contact with Bobson about this) is that there is a drop in audio for a few minutes in the middle. As I understand a revised version of this edit is in the offing, I look forward to updating this review to give it a full 10/10. Truly unmissable.
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