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This edit sits in a weird place for me. The idea behind combining three films into one works perfectly here, and I had very little (if any) to complain about in that regard. The pacing was great, the title screens and music that was added in to supplement the structure was fantastic and flawless, and I rated it as such.

However, while I very much enjoyed Unbreakable and Split as individual movies, I absolutely hated Glass. The awful trope of the generic shadowy organization that was included in Glass just absolutely killed it for me. I could live with every single other flaw in that movie but it just completely derailed it for me (Hancock is another prime example of this, albeit slightly different).
I was hoping against hope that Wraith would find a way to remove all traces of this shadow organization, and I don't fault him for leaving it in (it would probably ruin the integrity of the movie if all those scenes were cut/trimmed) it DID diminish my enjoyment of the film as a whole.

I wondered if there was any way to start having more of the Glass content show up earlier in the film. It felt like Glass was trying to encase the stories of Unbreakable and Split (as intended) but didn't quite capture that element perfectly for me. It felt like I was watching Unbreakable and Split interlaced together, and then afterwards I was watching Glass with some extended flashbacks.

ALL THAT BEING SAID, all of the other flaws with Glass were trimmed/adjusted in a way to VASTLY improve the quality of that portion of the movie, and was improved even more by blending it with the other two films. I was also bummed to see so much of Split removed, but I understand the necessity, and I again do not hold that against Wraith, as the inclusion of any more of Unbreakable and Split would have obliterated the pacing.

Is this project worth watching? Absolutely. This cut made Glass tolerable enough that I sat through the entirety of it. Is this project greater than the sum of its parts? I think if you hated Glass less than I did, your answer will most certainly be yes.

Props to you Wraith, sorry if this review seems super negative, you have absolutely achieved greatness here.

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Owner's reply October 13, 2021

Thanks for the review and considered comments. Shame that this could not redeem Glass a tad for you, but at least you were propelled through the journey.

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